Until recently, the answer to the riddle ‘When is a corner grocery not a corner grocery?’ was when it’s the View and Dannie Market, formerly Granny’s Market. But mercifully, the market has now closed.

Situated across the street from the al-ways busy Bonham Ministry, the store should have thrived. Unfortunately, the shelves were almost always bare, and the ambiance was less than inviting- Maybe the next tenant — whoever that might be —will get things straight.

It was bad, bad business at Tate Market at about 6:30 p.m. on April 24, when a man strolled up to the check stand with a beer in one hand and —no lie — a World War II hand grenade in the other. To the extreme discomfort of the checker, the man then placed his index finger on the pin of the grenade and demanded that she put all her paper money in a bag.

No, the checker did not ask “Paper or plastic?” Instead, she folded whatever money was in the drawer (not much) into a paper sack, and watched the man take off with both bag and beer (Wonder if it was a Bud Light.)

Police say they are hot on the thief’s trail. This is not the first time they’ve heard this story. However, they prefer not to give any details to the press right now. The man was identified by the checker and even recorded on the cameras at the grocery store.

The new details about this case will be available as soon as police will share updates with the public.