Speaking of money, it’s now official that the Security Bank branch at 3221 15th St. will close April 20. At the same time, its customers will be merged into the National Bank branch at Park Street and Main. According to spokesperson Anthony Shepherd, the D of M, which swallowed up SB earlier this year, is “making all the necessary physical and personnel changes to accommodate” the influx of customers.

There’s no word yet on who or what might move into Security Bank’s old slot, however. (Wells Fargo maybe?)

Money is exactly what the McKinney Senior Center lunch program needs. Unless a benefactor is found, the $18,000 per year program will probably go poof, says Pamela Barber, a McKinney citizen on the Senior Services Task Force for the city’s Commission. According to Pamela, “The Salvation Army is currently feeding the seniors, but may have to cut the service, depending on what happens with the state budget.”

In a somewhat strange contrast, the historic Jackson Avenue Firehouse, which appeared to be facing demolition last spring, now has a $1.5 million budget, to be used for the “preservation and renovation of the existing structure,” according to the project manager Albert Marshall.

Marshall says there will be public hearings over the next six to eight months, and that the project is still in the design phase.

Which leads me to the question: isn’t there some way we can reduce the firehouse budget to $1,450 million, and give the seniors the other 18 grand? It seems so easy.