This spring, the horn of plenty at the McKinney Music Series (Friday nights at the McKinney Ministry) offers up a return engagement of the prolific and popular pianist/songwriter Daniel Flemming on April 14.

Two weeks later, on April 28, the series will showcase a pair of fertile jazz talents, vocalist Vivien Hampton and guitarist Thomas Barber, both of whom have neighborhood roots.

Hampton is worthy of a run-on sentence: she’s a longtime favorite of McKinney jazz clubs who’s finally gaining national attention with the release of her tasty third album Vivien Vi and Sammy Di which features her husband, drummer Samuel Dawson, who also sits in with Barber.

Barber more than deserves his own paragraph. Silver and Golden Recordings (over on Pine Street) has just issued his Barber at his Work album, which showcases Barber’s breathtaking ability to wield a guitar like a horn, bouncing over ballads like “Do you adore me?” and bebop tunes such as Thomas’ “The Day without my love”.

Another neighborhood notable, clown celebrity Ronald Cobb, graces the music series April 21-22 (on Friday and Saturday nights, and even Monday afternoon). Cobb will share segments of his New Vaudevillian piece, The Witness’ Mistake, which garnered positive reviews during its run at the Open Voice Theatre last summer. He’ll also conjure up some of the good old stuff from his days with the Rose and Don Circus.

Still with the Rose and Don Circus band is saxophonist Kenneth Boone, who’ll show up with his familiar hat and three other horns (Steven Baldwin, Adam Bell, and Ralf Hardy) and a bass (Robert Page) on April 24 at the Cafe White Mouse at Lincoln and 16th Streets. For other White MouseWednesday night dates, call the administration of café and you can find out about the rock and blues weekends at the First café fueled with Jazz music and atmosphere of sweet old times.