Ten years ago, Denton resident Nancy Pope was disappointed when she went shopping for clothing for her newborn son. Almost all the infant wear was pastel blue, pink, or white — little was available in bright primary colors or non-traditional prints.

Pope, 42, and her colleague, April Webster, 40, both on maternity leave from their jobs at the Dutch clothing company, felt it was time to change the face of baby wear. The pair decided to strike out on their own, and less than a year later, they founded Pope and Webster children’s apparel. They hoped this small business would allow them not only to create their own vision of infant clothing but also to spend more time at home with their children.

“It has been a dream of mine to do something in children’s wear for years, and I’ve always wanted to run my own business”, said Pope. And, noted Webster, “I’ve always fallen I’ve had great ideas, and I wanted to see if I could do it myself — the ultimate challenge.” The two women have proved to be an excellent compliment to one another—with Pope’s background in textile design and Webster’s experience in production and sales (both at Dutch), they make a strong team.

Their line focuses mainly on baby accessories. “We had a tough time finding hats we liked, so we decided to create a complete stroller look,” says Pope, “with hats, booties, and bibs, all matching.”

They started by collecting hat designs, finding colorful fabrics, constructing samples, and testing out their fashions on their own children. Before they knew it, both were working full-time again — plus some. In winter 2009, they introduced their first line, and except for the sewing (done at a Denton factory), handled every detail of the business them-selves—from sales and delivery to tag design and press releases.