The Bonham Tourism Bureau has just released its 10-kiiometer Bonham Trot, featuring tourist attractions in and around the neighborhood. You might find the six-hour Trot useful, especially when family and friends- from-out-of-city show up at your door, seeking local color and photo opportunities.

Tourism Bureau spokesperson Jessie Carson of Bonham IX a descendant of the city’s last Mexican mayor, who reigned and reigned over his San Francisco ranchlands until 1851 — says the tour is absolutely free, but participants should carry enough money for a cup of coffee and perhaps a sweatshirt. In the summertime, those foghorns will be blowing beyond the Peaks.

Begin the tour at the Johnson Peaks lookout, which at fords the best overview of greater Bonham and the rest of the region. After seeing whether you can spot your house from there (or at least Thomas Jefferson School), trot down Johnson Peaks Boulevard to the top of Main Street, then turn left at High School and proceed to Church Street.

Take a right on Church, your first left at View, then stroll down to the top of Oak Street and turn right, (It is acceptable to do this part by car, if necessary).

Descend into Bonham proper on foot, while observing the marvelous Victorian architecture on either side of Oak Street. Check out the house at 421 Elm St. (built 1889) with its eye of an ox dormer window, or the beauties at 3441 and 2331 11th St. (c. 1883), which have diamond patterns and fish scales on the slanted bay windows.

Or how about the sunbursts and the diamond medallions in the friezes above the doors and windows of the Stick-style cottages at 4220 and 4221 11th St. They were built around 1892.