The McKinney city Community Music Center, at 587 Adams St, in the Mission, was recently awarded a four-year matching grant of $300,000 by the Marylou Waters-Reader’s Digest Fund to endow programs that will enhance the center’s music instruction services.

Over 2,030 children and adults use the Community Music Center every year, taking classes in private voice instruction, music theory and history, and pre-instrumental music for children. CMC’s orchestral and vocal ensemble classes focus on jazz, Western classical, Chinese, and Latin music. The center also sponsors the McKinney Children’s Chorus, the Community Music Center Children’s Chorus, the McKinney Grass Symphony, and the Community Center Orchestra.

The endowment income will be used to increase the number of CMC students qualifying for sliding-scale fee reductions, to create new scholarships for talented and needy children, to fund faculty coaching of tuition-free ensembles for private students, and to encourage faculty development.

Community Music Center will register new students for its fall quarter classes on Wednesday and Saturday, April 5 and 8, from 2 to 8 p.m. Registration will take place at the Adams Street location, as well as at the school’s Eastern District campus, located at 321 16th Ave., and will be handled on a first come, first-served basis.

“You don’t have to bring anything else except your own desire to learn something and love to the music”, said Janice Black, the music teacher, specialized in Jazz.

Classes begin on Monday, April 10, and run through Saturday, May 27.

For more details, call the administration of Community Music Center directly.