Personal fitness trainer Francine Snow has launched a new exercise program, “Staying Shape while Staying with Baby” which encourages moms and their infants or toddlers to work out together.

Beginning this March, she’ll offer one-on-one training for mom and baby, as well as personalized small-group sessions in her Elm Street home. The small-group program will meet three times a week and include low-impact aerobics, circuit training, and aerobic walking (with a baby in stroller or backpack) around Bonham city.

“There are lots of new moms like me out there who want to form groups for camaraderie and support”, says Snow, whose daughter Anna Maria was born last fall “And given my experience as a trainer, I thought it would be great to get a group of moms together for exercise,” Snow adds that Staying Shape while Staying with Baby will also give participants some social time, during which they can talk and share experiences about motherhood.

She says that it’s up to individual moms to decide how much to involve their babies in the class. “Anna Maria really likes it when I dance and squat with her”, Snow says, “but not all babies do. However, I’d like to have the babies involved as much as possible”.

For additional information or to reserve a space, contact Francine Snow directly or using the Facebook page.

Snow says that women can bring only their babies and good mood, no extra weights needed. It is better to wear sports clothes and have another cloth to change after the class.