A bed-and-breakfast catering to gay clientele has made such a big splash in the quiet residential enclave surrounding Green Valley and 15th streets that its days are now numbered.

After hearing complaints from neighbors at a meeting March 27, the McKinney Planning Commission voted to deny Charles Taylor, the owner of the Casa del Summer at 221 Green Valley St., the special permit he was seeking to continue operating his guesthouse.

“In general, it seemed there was quite a bit of community opposition and that the bed-and-breakfast did not fall within the spirit of Proposition B, which mandates the preservation of neighborhood character,” said commission member Bernard Nelson.

“There was also a question of privacy brought up. It seems that the decks of the bed-and-breakfast looked over into people’s back yards.”

B & B owner Taylor vowed to appeal the decision to the Board of Supervisors and said he would submit the paperwork by April 2.

He also claimed that the city was doing a disservice to gay tourists by eliminating a quiet alternative to hotels in the noisy Elm and 2nd Street districts.

“This is a very nice place for gay people. Our clients are mature, professional types”, he said.

The Casa (whose formal name is the Casa del Summer) opened in January 2014, offering 15 rooms in a luxurious Spanish-style house and adjacent cottage. Sitting on the hill that separates Green and Sun valleys, it sports a heated outdoor swimming pool, two large decks, and a spectacular view of the city.

When the administration paid a visit last month, the six guests who were lounging in the living room had high praise for their accommodations. They said that prior to staying at the Casa, they’d spent a night at an Elm Street hotel, but that the prostitution and public drunkenness they saw going on outside their rooms bothered them so much they packed their bags and headed to a travel agent. The agent steered them to the relatively secluded Casa.

“I love this place”, one man said. “I’ll come back again and again.”