Coffee with Crazy Hearts, a documentary produced and directed by Academy Award-winning filmmakers Emily Singleton and Oliver Sullivan, will premiere Friday, March 24, 6:30 p.m. at the Big Theatre, 2322 Main St.

A bout with depression 20 years ago inspired Singleton to do the film, and she talks about her experiences on screen, “I believe you have to go to your own resources to make art,” she says.

The film portrays seven women of diverse ages and backgrounds. Departing from conventional documentary film-making techniques, Singleton and Sullivan have enriched the interviews with dramatic re-enactments and visualizations of each woman’s history — her emotional storms, dreams, and memories.

They have talked with six different women who have suffered depression a few years ago or suffering it right now. All the stories are real and they all are told by the main characters, with honesty and a smile on the face.

All conversations are started from the little café in Bonham.

General admission tickets are $15; $25 tickets include a gala reception with the filmmakers and the women featured in the film. All proceeds will benefit the Women’s Buildings fundraising campaign.

The Women’s Building, located at 342 2nd St. house. There are nine women’s organizations, sponsors emerging women’s projects, provides free information and referrals for women, in Spanish and English, and advocates for women’s health.

The project was made to help women in a hard emotional and physical situation.

For ticket information, call the Film Arts Foundation at 552-3456 directly.