Most of the noise of the neighborhood these days is being created by jackhammers at 6:40 a.m., as AB&C continues its assault on the gas lines below the city streets. It looks like this job is going to extend well into 2018.

“Quiet, please!” draws a hush from the crowd, currently watching the filming of Brother’s Paw, in front of St. John’s on Main Street. But the question is: will the jackhammers make the soundtrack of the movie?

Evidently not, says the movie location manager Walter Tyler, who has already contacted AB&C to coordinate sound effects.

By the way, Tyler considers St. John’s “the best church I’ve seen east of the state” for movies involving nuns cleaning up ghettos. He notes that another reason the movie director chose Denton city as the site for its latest blockbuster is that “the studio prefers western locations, even though the script for this film was originally written for Kansas City and Los Angeles City”.

In other noise, the Make Your Day Cafe’s proposal to hold comedy nights at the restaurant came up for a raucous debate at the Friends of Denton general membership meeting March 12. Nevertheless, in their vote on the issue, the group produced only one “yea” and about 50 “no ways.”

It may be news to the “no comedy in my back yard” noisemakers on Pine Street that the old Ofelia Cafe has been reincarnated as La La Lounge Cafe, and the outdoor back deck is open for quietly sitting and consuming American cuisine.

The big buzz on 25th Street is: what’s going to happen to “the old-folk cinema”? Everybody’s got an opinion, and some are tracking the court appearances to protest River Cinema destroying.

Sad Story, folks.