“We have the best opportunity we’ve had in 20 years to rid the Administration of the Republican influence. We have the Senate, and we have the House of Representatives. Now let’s take back the Administration!”

With those rousing words, Michael Pitts, the president of the McKinney Democratic Club, addressed the crowd of 70 McKinney residents who turned out for the organization’s March meeting at the McKinney Ministry.

According to Pitts, the neighborhood political group is the largest of its kind in McKinney and was formed last winter to “strengthen the political voice of the city” through more active participation in the voting booth.

“We want to link neighborhood, community, and environmental issues in McKinney with the Democratic Party and work to elect Democrats who are sensitive to the needs of our community”, said Pitts. “Our purpose is to take neighborhood issues like safety and transportation and make sure they’re addressed in the Democratic Party electoral process.”

Pitts added that the idea of organizing a neighborhood political group had been tossed around McKinney for a couple of years prior to the Democratic Club’s formation in spring.

“Many of us who are active in neighborhood groups like McKinney Citizens and East McKinney Neighbors believed we were having an impact on issues like saving the libraries and cutting down on neighborhood crime”, he said.

“But there was also a feeling that we weren’t having as much of an impact on the electoral process as we could have. We could invite a school board member or a supervisor to our meetings, but since the neighborhood groups don’t have the power to endorse candidates, we weren’t getting as much of their attention. Once you have the power to endorse— like the McKinney Democratic Club does — we get more of their attention.”