Published: Sun, March 19, 2017
U.S. | By Wayne Curry

Intruder on White House grounds arrested

Intruder on White House grounds arrested

A 26-year-old California man has been charged after being arrested late Friday for breaching the grounds of the White House.

The intruder, now reportedly identified as Tran, apparently scaled the fence and was discovered by a Secret Service officer by the south entrance to the famed executive residence, officials said.

In a statement to United States media, the Secret Service said the backpack was screened and searched - with no hazardous material found. He reportedly was toting a backpack that was searched and found not to contain unsafe material.

The US Secret Service said the man was arrested at around 11.40pm on Friday night.

He described the intruder as a "troubled person" and the situation as "very sad".

Tran confessed to jumping the fence of the White House. He had the mace in a jacket pocket and a book bag with a book on the President, a USA passport and an Apple laptop computer. "Tran alleged that he had been followed, and his 'phone and email communications (had been) read by third parties, ' and that he had 'been called schizophrenic, '" CNN reported.

More recently, Joseph Caputo scaled the White House fence wearing an American flag cape while the first family was inside enjoying their Thanksgiving festivities.

He is charged with entering restricted grounds while carrying a unsafe weapon.

According to an incident report, the man told the Secret Service he was a "friend of the president", that he had an appointment and that he jumped over the fence. Uniformed members of the Secret Service arrested him on the South Lawn. In 2014, Gonzalez made it farther than any other White House intruder and was allegedly carrying a knife. "Secret Service did a fantastic job".

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