A cheerful brand of petitioners descended on Maple Street last month, lobbying for a ballot measure that would “stop the $30 million giveaway to the Rascals’ millionaire owners”.The “giveaway” is the lease concession ($4 mil over 4 years) that was granted, by Mayor Hines-a-lot and ratified by the Board of Supervisors this winter, in order to keep the baseball team in the region.

Hugo Copeland, of the Committee to Stop the Giveaway, has been stationed in front of Homemade Cakes Company since the middle of March. “This is my favorite place in the city because the neighborhood is so politically aware and progressive,” says Copeland. “I have been averaging over 200 signatures a weekend.”

He adds: “I want to give special thanks to the canopy in front of Homemade Cakes Company, which kept me and the petitions dry during the storms, and I’m pretty sure we are over the top and made the ballot.”

(The committee needed to collect 40,000 signatures.)

Across the street, Anna Street resident William Rich was handing out literature in support of the lease agreement.

Rich says: “The petition drive is very misleading, and avoids the overall benefit to the city.” Rich says he’s part of a group of loyal Rascals’ fans who’ve banned together and fanned out in their respective neighborhoods to try to counteract the petition drive.

Meanwhile, according to the recent independent poll, provided by Durant’s social service, the main part of citizens does not support the idea to give their money for the baseball team to help them survive.