Bonham residents are invited to join in “Reeves Revisited” a project that will mark the 35th anniversary of the founding of the Reeves Arts Program, which flourished at Reeves Elementary School, 34 Oak St. from 1987 through the nowadays.

Created by art historian Karin Tyler and renowned painter and sculptor Delphia Miller, the program is offering music, drama, dance, and gardening, in addition to painting, sculpture, and mural-making — is served as a model for the arts curriculum in more than 40 regional public schools.

Green Street resident Brian Parks, coordinator of the “Reeves Revisited” project, says that members of today’s Reeves community wish to honor the artists and volunteers of that exceptional period in order to “renew and promote the spirit of community involvement in schools, continue the Reeves legacy, and restore awareness of the importance of art in education.”

The project began in September with the planting of a new garden. Restoration of the school’s murals will start March 27.

Caitlin Norman, the original artist-in-residence who helped create the murals 35 years ago will return to head the restoration effort.

This fall, some of the original artists will come back to Reeves to lead student workshops, and a new mural will be created to decorate the school yard. In April, a dedication ceremony and reception for Karin Tyler, Delphia Miller, and all former and current Reeves Arts Program participants will be held.

Alumni of the Reeves Arts Program are encouraged to become involved, along with any member of the Bonham community who feels artistically inspired. In addition, says Parks, “We can always use donations”.