Published: Fri, March 17, 2017
Culture | By Elsie Buchanan

Former Power Rangers star pleads guilty to killing roommate with sword

Former Power Rangers star pleads guilty to killing roommate with sword

A former "Power Rangers" actor pleaded guilty in the death of his roommate, the Los Angeles District Attorney's office announced.

The 38-year-old actor was arrested back in January, after he allegedly got into an argument with Sutter, which then turned into a physical fight.

The crime took place on January 31, 2015 when the defendant and victim Josh Sutter, 36, who lived together, got into an argument over Medina's girlfriend.

Medina had initially entered a no contest plea on his manslaughter charge before amending it to guilty, the DA's office said. Sutter then reportedly followed the couple and forced the door open, upon which Medina stabbed his roommate with a sword, hitting him once in the abdomen. The two argued frequently and at one point he threatened to release the dogs into the wild, she said. He faces six years in state prison. As things unfortunately escalated, Medina grabbed a sword they had around the apartment and started repeatedly stabbing Sutter, who died soon afterward. Medina's attorney claimed the stabbing was in self-defense. That report cited a separate account from BBC News, which suggested Medina was merely trying to protect himself from Sutter when the stabbing occurred.

Medina, who has also appeared in episodes of E.R, CSI: Miami and an earlier, US-shot Power Rangers series Wild Force, had already heard testimony from Sutter's father, Donald, denying that his son could not have been the aggressor.

Ironically, "Power Rangers Samurai" received numerous complaints, citing the show's over the top on-screen violence when it first aired in the USA.

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