Published: Thu, March 16, 2017
Culture | By Elsie Buchanan

The interrupted BBC interview - take two

The interrupted BBC interview - take two

Korea expert Professor Robert Kelly, the dad whose kids hijacked his very important BBC news interview, has explained what caused the sweetest viral video to hit the net.

She said the whole thing had been 'a little bit stressful but we are fine, getting better'.

"I mean it was terribly cute", Robert told The Wall Street Journal.

"He usually locks the door", his wife Kim said to the Wall Street Journal.

Kelly admitted he "struggled not to laugh" during his now-infamous BBC interview. Then his panicked wife runs in, dragging them out and shutting the door.

"I will be surprised if they do...."

He forgot to lock his office door before a Skype call from the BBC, resulting in his kids' unwanted entry.

Kelly is an worldwide relations expert and political science professor at Pusan National University in South Korea.

Focused on the interview, she didn't notice four-year-old Marion had gone into the room where her dad was talking on live television about the ousting of South Korea's president, Park Geun-hye. The video has received 84 million views on BBC's Facebook page and the hashtag #BBCDad is trending on Twitter. "It was chaos for me", she confessed.

'Everybody we know seems to think it's pretty hysterical.

Finally we have the answer to the most pressing question of our age: Was the BBC dad wearing trousers?

'We understand why people find it enjoyable, catching a regular family off guard, ' Prof Kelly said.

Mrs Kelly said she phoned her son after the incident, and he admitted to being a bit "embarrassed", though he did see the amusing side.

After the clip circulated the web, many noted that some viewers and news publications had assumed the woman in the clip was the children's nanny, rather than their mother.

At the end of the interview, Kelly asserted that the family did not "stage" the run in, saying that many people had come forward and claimed the family orchestrated the situation to get attention.

Kim Jung-A said she hoped people could just enjoy the video and reiterated: "I'm not a nanny".

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