Published: Wed, March 15, 2017
Science | By Guadalupe Butler

New Doctor Who Series 10 Trailer Features New and Old Enemies

New Doctor Who Series 10 Trailer Features New and Old Enemies

Which is why we're beyond excited that BBC America has finally released the first official trailer for Season 10, premiering Saturday, April 15 at 9/8c.

In the trailer, the Doctor is accompanied by new companion Bill (Pearl Mackie) and comic-relief sidekick Nardole (Matt Lucas of "Little Britain" fame) as they encounter such fearsome foes as Daleks, emoji-translating robots and the return of Missy - who is actually the Doctor's uber-foe, the Master - played by Michelle Gomez.

A lot of it provides a fuller look at moments teased in the previous "Coming Soon" trailer that was attached to last year's Christmas special - such as Bill calling the TARDIS a "kitchen".

Doctor Who series ten will star Capaldi and introduce Pearl Mackie as Bill Potts, the Doctor's new Companion.

"One of the greatest privileges of being Doctor Who is to see the world at its best". Moffat will be replaced by Chris Chibnall, who did "Broadchurch", which stars ex-Doctor, David Tennant.

He announced he was leaving the show during an interview with BBC Radio 2, after four years leading the long-standing sci-fi favourite. And, if you purchase your tickets through Atom Tickets, you will get three free Doctor Who digital comic books from Titan Comics and ComiXology, so that's pretty cool. There's also speculation that the Time Lords' home planet, Gallifrey, will be featured.

The upcoming season of Doctor Who is scheduled to premiere at 9 p.m. ET on April 15on BBC America.

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