It seems as if the tax collector at City Hall is forever scraping the bottom of the barrel.

So it should be no surprise that the Abbenford Alley controversy has surfaced once again. Abbenford is that small lane running from River to Victoria Streets in the middle of the block between 25th and Pine streets. The alley, whose previous owners (since 1956) have all passed away, has been looking for a real good housekeeper for many decades.

The McKinney citizens perhaps will remember that about ten years ago the city —which had put a lien on Abbenford for the past owners’ delinquent taxes— sought to auction it off to the highest bidder. The residents put up a fight, however, and Convinced City Hall, after a hard battle to make Abbenford a fire lane and maintain it as such. A done deal, right?

Wrong. In early February of this year, the city tax collector sent notices to all residents whose property abuts the one-block alley, informing them of the city’s intention to divide Abbenford in half and offer each parcel for a minimum bid of $30.

Naturally, the residents barraged City Hall with phone calls, pointing out that the property was currently classified as a fire lane and even had its own signposts.

But then the city came out at the end of February and removed the two Abbenford Street signs!

Again the neighbors raised a ruckus.

At last count (beginning of March), the signs had been reinstated and the city appeared to be backing off the proposed auction.

But you never know… City Council will provide more information about their intentions for the Alley during the next meeting.