Published: Fri, March 10, 2017
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Hyundai FE Fuel Cell Concept Has Nearly 500 Miles of Range

Hyundai FE Fuel Cell Concept Has Nearly 500 Miles of Range

Because the FE's hydrogen system is 20 percent lighter and 10 percent more efficient, and because its fuel cell stack is even more power dense than current designs, Hyundai claims this concept can cover 800 kilometers (497 miles) on a single fill of hydrogen.

South Korea's leading automaker Hyundai Motor Co. unveils its new futuristic concept vehicle, the FE Fuel Cell Concept, at the 87th Geneva International Motor Show in Geneva, Switzerland, on March 7, 2017. The bold looking SUV concept builds on the technology that now underpins the ix35 Fuel Cell (Tucson Fuel Cell in certain markets) with much improved hardware that is not only lighter but more fuel efficient as well.

Like most concept cars, the fuel-cell SUV has its share of glitzy and attention-getting features that likely won't make it into production.

The production version of this Hyundai fuel-cell crossover utility vehicle is expected to become available during 2018 in a handful of markets.

"Hyundai Motor has a heritage of building innovative, fuel-efficient vehicles that advance the automotive industry's environmental progress", Hyundai's vice chairman, Woong Chul Yang said.

The design, Hyundai says, is "flowing" and "inspired by nature and water".

Following Honda's lead with the FC Clairty and Toyota with the Mirai, Hyundai intends to create a dedicated fuel cell model, rather than the ix35-based model it now offers today.

The "FE" in the concept vehicle stands for Future Eco, reflecting new technologies supporting eco-friendliness, which the company thinks is well represented by fuel cells. With a minimalist design, the vehicle features a slick rear spoiler and integrated vents that help provide improved efficiency via aerodynamics. The FE Concept is equipped with more advanced technology than previous models, which may help Hyundai better demonstrate the capabilities of fuel cell vehicles and draw yet more attention to hydrogen fuel cells and how they can be used in transportation.

In a nod to our constantly-connected lives, the FE Concept features portable battery packs - charged by the car's energy output - to power passenger devices. Meanwhile, the trunk features an integrated storage and charging space for an electric scooter, demonstrating how Hyundai Motor is developing mobility solutions to match future lifestyles. There are plans for more hydrogen refuelling stations by 2020, with journeys from Los Angeles to San Francisco now very attainable.

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