Published: Fri, March 10, 2017
U.S. | By Wayne Curry

Grandfather Pleas For Help In Finding Killer 2 Indiana Teens

Grandfather Pleas For Help In Finding Killer 2 Indiana Teens

More than three weeks after the murder of two IN teens, the grandfather of one of the girls pleaded for the public's help to find his granddaughter's killer today.

A reward for information leading to an arrest has grown to almost $250,000 thanks to contributions from corporations and individual donors.

Police have released a photograph of a man who they say is the prime suspect in the investigation, but no arrests have been made. McAfee and Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter appeared in a video posted on McAfee's Twitter account in which they appealed to the public for tips and said the reward fund was being raised by $97,000, to $200,000.

"I'm glad she had the wherewithal to do it", Patty said. "He's someone's neighbor or coworker", said Mike Patty, the grandfather of the slain Liberty German, at a news conference Thursday, imploring anyone with information to "help us collect the pieces to this puzzle".

"They don't just go into a bucket", he said.

"A phrase that was jokingly attached to Libby in our family, from asking her to pick up her shoes, her school backpack, her coat, her first reply would nearly always be, 'I a minute.' I believe if she were able to speak, she'd ask people to please give her the one minute she always asked for", he said, referring to the public's help with the investigation.

Patty said German was a smart girl and they talked often about having a the presence of mind to your surroundings.

But those girls loved each other. "Both those girls were heroes in my book".

The grandfather fought back tears as he said that the best friends were excited about the upcoming softball season and the day before they were murdered, they had their equipment out playing catch and working on their batting in the backyard. They were good friends.

"But they'll never get to play a single game again, ' he said, adding that there were 'too many ways to count" that their lives had been forever changed.

Police urge anyone with possible tips to contact authorities.

The remainder of tips now are being poured over by police, he said.

"It's not easy and a lot of people are putting a lot of work into this", Perrine said.

The sheriff, who has spent 30 years in law enforcement, said this case was "not like anything I've ever had in my career".

Patty also took the time Thursday to thank the countless number of law enforcement, volunteers, friends, co-workers, media and members of the public that have helped both families through the last few weeks.

Patty later said, "The pain will always be there forever, but this is a hurdle that needs to be knocked down".

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