Published: Wed, March 08, 2017
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UK Government 'Could Face Second Brexit Defeat'

UK Government 'Could Face Second Brexit Defeat'

But Labour, backed by Liberal Democrat peers, crossbenchers and a handful of Tory rebels led by Lord Heseltine, are determined to get the Government's pledge for what they call a meaningful vote written into the Bill.

Reports in the British media suggest that the vote is set to be close, with a possibility of peers approving the amendment, which the government opposes and was tabled by the opposition Labour Party.

The march, which will leave from Hyde Park for Parliament, is the latest in a string of protests opposing Brexit that have taken place since Britain voted Leave in the European Union referendum.

The Prime Minister, however, has demanded that the amendments made to Tuesday's Bill are overturned by ministers in the Commons next Monday. There must be: "a clear limit on what the delegated powers in the Bill can be used to achieve; a requirement for ministers to provide Parliament with certain information when using those powers; and enhanced parliamentary scrutiny of the exercise of those powers".

"It will guarantee that the Government must come back to both Houses and seek approval for the result of negotiations".

The prime minister wants to open Brexit talks by the end of this month by formally invoking Article 50 of the bloc's Lisbon Treaty. We are in effect better prepared, better informed on the needs of business and all sectors of the economy, and we have built up a better understanding of the steps that need to be taken during and through the process to secure the best outcome for the UK. Conversely, the government believes it would be unwise to guarantee the rights of the three million or so European Union citizens living in this country before other European Union countries are ready to do the same for British citizens overseas.

The straightforward passage of this Bill, already supported by a majority of five to one in the Commons, is the best way to achieve those aims. It is not about any of the implications of that, for example what the terms of the trade deal (if we have one) with the European Union will be, what will our immigration system will be, how fishing and farming will work and so on.

"In order to deliver this, the government intends to put an end to the free movement of persons, one of the four freedoms underpinning the single market", says the report.

In a response by the United Kingdom government, they say that ministers will now aim to overturn Brexit Bill amendments in the lower house of pariliament.

This would be the second defeat to May's plan to trigger talks by March 31.

The Government will ensure that Parliament is kept informed throughout the process and has at least as much information as the European Parliament. This would mean that the Prime Minister will be able to invoke Article 50 immediately after that.

But they are likely to have to reverse another adjustment, with the Government's opponents in the Lords confident of victory in a vote on a new clause headed "Parliamentary approval for the outcome of negotiations with the European Union".

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