Published: Fri, February 17, 2017
Health | By Bessie Ortiz

US Political Climate Leading to Stress

US Political Climate Leading to Stress

Thirty-four percent of Americans claimed to be significantly stressed over personal safety this January, compared with 29 percent in August 2016.

Almost half of Americans, 49 percent, say the outcome of the 2016 presidential election was also a source of stress, but there were differences depending on which party those polled belonged to. In October, it released its results, and, ta-da, 52 percent of respondents indicated that they were stressed about the vote, Republicans and Democrats alike. The health officials note that a year ago was one of the worst in terms of nationwide anxiety levels because of the election. Majorities of both Republicans (59 percent) and Democrats (76 percent) say they are significantly anxious about the nation in the long run. This year, however, people are citing politics as a serious stressor in their lives. The data indicates the American stress levels have only risen following the heated presidential election season.

The majority of Americans (57 per cent) said they thought the current political climate in the USA was a significant source of stress. This marks the highest percentage noted since the question was first asked. While some believed anxiety levels would decrease after the election, once the campaigning wound down, it seems to be steadily moving in the opposite direction. Stress had also varied among different age demographics, with millennials (defined as 18-37 years old) reporting the most stress about the election outcome. 57 percent of respondents said that the political climate either largely or somewhat contributed to their stress levels.

Stress as a direct result of Trump's victory varied along both partisan and geographical lines. "The results of the January 2017 poll show a statistically significant increase in stress for the first time since the survey was first conducted in 2007", the report reads.

Education also plays a role in how stressed Americans are, according to the APA.

"The fact that two-thirds of Americans are saying the future of the nation is causing them stress, it is a startling number", psychologist Vaile Wright of the APA's Stress in America team told The Washington Post.

If you're feeling stressed out, you are far from alone.

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