Published: Thu, February 16, 2017
Science | By Guadalupe Butler

United States ethics office recommends investigation over Conway remarks

United States ethics office recommends investigation over Conway remarks

The White House should consider disciplinary action against presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway for appearing to violate government ethics rules by publicly endorsing Ivanka Trump products, said the Office of Government Ethics.

The Office of Government Ethics recommended on Tuesday that the White House investigate Kellyanne Conway over comments she made about Ivanka Trump's clothing line.

"I'm going to give a free commercial here", Conway said, from a briefing room inside the White House.

The letter notes lawyers for the White House and OGE spoke on February 9 - the day of Conway's interview - and that the Republican and Democratic leaders of the House Oversight Committee asked OGE to follow up.

Whether Conway is just clueless or like Trump, lying through her teeth, or is just acting as an agent of disinformation, she has no place on news shows. If the White House ignores the request and lets the deadline pass, the matter could go to a hearing, where a judge could recommend a punishment for Conway.

But the retailers' decision did not sit well with President Trump, who accused Nordstrom in a tweet last week of treating his daughter "so unfairly".

Scarborough then said he doesn't believe Conway is saying things she knows to be untrue, but is rampantly booking herself on talk shows to stay relevant.

Shaub added that the textbook example of what not to do is an administration official appearing in a television commercial to promote a product. Shaub said OGE had "not yet received notification of any disciplinary or other correction against against Ms. Conway".

Conway later said President Trump "supports me 100 percent". But forgive us if we don't hold our breath. "Ms. Conway's actions track that example nearly exactly". Almost a decade later, Brzezinski is putting her foot down again, saying, as long as she's on the show, she won't be a part of booking presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway.

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