Published: Thu, February 16, 2017
Sports | By Jaime Goodwin

Brock Lesnar tells UFC he is retired from competition

Brock Lesnar tells UFC he is retired from competition

If this is true it is not surprising, really.

As reported by USA Today, the news about Brock Lesnar's retirement was broken by a UFC official, which also removes him from the USADA drug-testing pool.

Lesnar is now tied up with the WWE and is set to face Bill Goldberg for Wrestlemania 33 on April 2 in Orlando. He will not be hurting for money.

It was New Year's Eve, 2011 and it looked for all the world that Brock Lesnar's fighting days were done.


If Lesnar has a change of heart and decides to return to the UFC, he would still have to serve five months and reenter the testing pool.

"The Beast Incarnate" is set to face the legendary Bill Goldberg in a highly-anticipated rematch at Wrestlemania 33 in Orlando on April 2. The United States Anti-Doping Agency also issued a one-year suspension to Lesnar to run concurrently with the other punishment. Lesnar had the itch to fight legitimately again in 2016, but as aforementioned his use of performance enhancing drugs kind of ruined his reputation in the sport of MMA. Lesnar was suspended by USADA in January 2017 after testing positive for the banned substance clomiphene twice over the summer.

Common sense would dictate, that if Lesnar is no longer part of the UFC's drug testing regime, then he should be part of WWE's if he is to compete in that organization. He'll nearly certainly stick with his light WWE schedule until he finally retires from athletics for good.

Lesnar's one-and-done second stint in the UFC leaves his overall career record standing at 5-3 (+1nc).

The WWE Superstar has yet to publicly comment on his retirement. We must wait to see how the WWE deals with the matter.

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