Published: Tue, February 14, 2017
World | By Ernestine Jimenez

North Korea launches ballistic missile test

North Korea launches ballistic missile test

North Korea is barred under United Nations resolutions from any use of ballistic missile technology. It was launched at 7.55am from Banghyon Air base, and flew east towards the Sea of Japan.

The two leaders did not immediately respond to Sunday´s launch, which came after Pyongyang carried out two atomic tests and fired multiple missiles a year ago, triggering enhanced United Nations sanctions.

Trump spoke after Abe and gave a one-sentence statement: "I just want everybody to understand and fully know that the United States of America stands behind Japan, its great ally, 100%". Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga told reporters that the missile did not hit Japanese territorial seas.

Hill, who served as chief nuclear negotiator with the North from 2005-2009, said that Pyongyang had been quiet up until the weekend missile launch in order not to galvanize conservatives in South Korea ahead of a presidential election. Earlier analysis had guessed it to be a shorter-range Rodong. It is likely to be an upgraded version of the submarine-launched missile named "Pukguksong" launched in August.

Officials said the missile traveled roughly 300 miles into the Sea of Japan, but did not enter Japanese waters.

South Korea was quick to condemn the launch. "And they're important, too", Bader says.

Much of the detail has come from South Korea officials.

Trump has vowed to prevent North Korea from developing the capability to strike the US with a missile, though the administration hasn't yet announced a detailed North Korea policy. This was the latest in a series of tests in the past year, including North Korea's fifth of a nuclear device. They have not identified what type of missile was launched or whether the test was considered a success. "We should encourage more high-profile joint exercises with these strong allies, such the trilateral missile defense exercises conducted in June 2016".

North Korea has launched a ballistic missile in the first test since Donald Trump became president.

North Korea has never successfully tested an ICBM, despite repeatedly showing off at military parades what it claims are working missiles.

"We are convinced there is no alternative to the settlement of the Korean Peninsula's issues, including nuclear, to the only possible political and diplomatic means", the ministry said. The launch reportedly involved an intermediate-rangle ballistic missile.

News of the launched was first reported by South Korea's Defense Ministry on Sunday, afterthe missile had been launched into Sea of Japan.

Trump's first public response to the North Korean missile launch was to express United States support for its Japanese allies. What is changing, however, is the fact that the North is getting closer to its goal of developing longer-range nuclear weapons.

China has a place in the matter as well, as increasing pressure exists for the country to make further moves toward pushing North Korea to abandon its nuclear program.

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