Published: Mon, February 13, 2017
World | By Ernestine Jimenez

European Commission President Juncker will not run again

European Commission President Juncker will not run again

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said Britain could divide the EU by making different promises to different member states during Brexit talks.

Mr Juncker said a protectionist trade policy by the Trump administration would be an opportunity for the European Union to forge new trade alliances. "You promise country A one thing, country B one thing and country C another and at the end there's no European front left", Juncker said.

He added that Britain could not negotiate trade deals as long as it remained a member of the bloc.

"It would be a change that we have to use", Juncker said.

"And we actually should not allow the British to act now already like they can sign their own trade agreements with other countries, because they are not allowed to". His term of office expires in 2019. "Now is the time to close ranks and march together, '" Juncker said in the radio interview which will be aired on Sunday.

Conservative MEP David Campbell Bannerman dismissed Mr Juncker's comments.

Former Ukip leader Mr Farage told the Press Association that the remarks "showed cracks were appearing" in the European Union stance as tough exit horse-trading looms.

'I am surprised that Jean-Claude Juncker is so anxious about the British, ' he said.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May visited Washington last month to lay the groundwork for a new, post-Brexit trade agreement with the United States, and has also courted other countries for potential deals. "Up until now the line from the Commission and Parliament is 'we will utterly unite and make life very hard for the UK".

"While now what I am doing for many hours a day is to deal with the planning of an exit of a member state". In my opinion he has been a very divisive force'.

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