Published: Sat, February 04, 2017
Health | By Bessie Ortiz

U.S. House Begins Work on First Policies to Repair Obamacare

U.S. House Begins Work on First Policies to Repair Obamacare

At a news conference, Ryan insisted that for all the talk about repairing President Barack Obama's legacy health care law, the GOP still fully intends to "repeal and replace" Obamacare.

The Medicaid expansion under the ACA has meant nearly 400,000 Louisiana residents now have health care, especially preventative medicine.

Former Republican National Committee Chair Michael Steele said after 6 years of repeatedly voting to overturn Obamacare, he's surprised his party doesn't have a plan ready to go.

If you're like a lot of folks, you may have been dragging your feet because of uncertainty over the fate of the Affordable Care Act (otherwise known as Obamacare).

Republicans on Capitol Hill are deeply divided about how and when to repeal the law, and what to replace it with. Some certainty that a tax won't be the thing driving up their health care costs.

"I don't know what happens to him if they go to none", he said of his son. "[As] more and more Americans are enrolling and transitioning into new plans, it is important to remember we are moving away from a very broken system and what life was for millions of Americans before the ACA".

Republicans in the U.S. Congress struggled on Thursday with their efforts to dismantle the Obamacare healthcare law, with conservatives urging haste while some lawmakers said the task was turning out to be more of a fix job than a repeal.

I am not a likely person to endorse repealing the Affordable Care Act. In Caddo Parish, more than 21,000 people now have health insurance thanks to the Medicaid expansion.

Republicans have gotten their new marching orders from Frank Luntz, who is telling them that they need to call Obamacare repeal "Obamacare fix", instead. "As long as current market rules that prohibit the exclusion of pre-existing conditions, require guaranteed issue of insurance policies and impose community rating requirements on insurers remain in place, there is a corresponding need for incentives for people to purchase and keep continuous coverage", Tavenner said. Mitchell said while the response has not been promising, they are still committed to the cause.

Residents have until midnight Tuesday, January 31, to enroll for health insurance through Access Health CT, the state's health insurance marketplace.

"The fear that if something was wrong, then how would I pay for it?" she said.

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