Street sheet vendors on Cedar Street are now also offering City Buzz, a paper published in Greenville that contains beautiful poetry by formerly homeless people.

“People are starting to buy the $4 City Buzz,” says Blaine Miller, who has been hawking the city’s City Buzz near the Wells Fargo ATM for the past year.

“It’s something new they give us — I like it,” he says.

In other Cedar Street news, you will be happy to learn that the Irish bar on Cedar near Main, is now serving fish and chips by special order. The way it works is the Irish dials a “hotline” to 4 Indian Guys across the street and 4 Indian Guys owner, Ajeet  Bhakta cooks up the order and delivers it to the Irish customer.

To meet the new demand, 4 Indians has expanded its kitchen and menu. And by mid-February, Ajeet says, he’ll be serving full breakfasts at the cafe.

For inventive advertising, Andrew’s Books, at 2334 Park St. takes the cake. The bookstore has taken to giving pedestrians a “Quote of the Day,” displayed on a sandwich board on the north-east corner of Cedar and Main.

“We actually change them every couple of days, and we’ve gotten a lot of response from our quotes,” says owner Andrew Simpson. “The most response came from one we did right after the first presidential debate when we quoted James Thurber: “You can fool too many of the people too much of the time”. My favorite was the one by humorist Oscar Levant: “I have given up reading books; I find it takes my mind off myself.”