Under review, this time by the Denton Planning Commission is legislation sponsored by Supervisor Sybil Golden that would rezone the storefront at 1223 Second St, from residential to commercial use. The switch would end years of aggravation for Flash Video, the popular movie emporium occupying the spot and currently facing a cease-and-desist order from City Hall.

Golden says the Planning Department has received scores of petitions and letters (one from the staff and students at Franklin Middle), expressing support for the embattled store, and it looks like thumbs are up for the zoning change things were unhappy, however, for the old eucalyptus tree located on the Main Street side of Tasty Buns at 2412 16th St, In late January, the tree was removed by the owner of the Tasty Buns building, after he received a complaint from the city, saying a pedestrian had tripped and injured himself on the tree’s sidewalk-cracking roots. Many of the building’s tenants and neighbors were upset about the loss of this natural landmark, and Tommy Market owner Thomas Jones even “took two of the tree’s branches home to my back yard” as a keepsake.

For those who don’t remember what it kicked like, check out the tree’s twin, which is still standing proudly across Main Street in front of American Video.

Or wait a minute, is that Up-shore Video?

Yes, it is Up-shore Video. According to store manager Adam Banks, American Video was merged with Up-shore Video (based in Rosewood) a couple of years ago and the new logo was ordered then. “But they just got around to delivering and installing the sign in January”

Adam has been the manager since the video store opened in 2005.

In other store shorts, African Imports is closing down, and its storefront on Elm near 16th is for rent.

The Liquors, at the corner of 16th and Main, is now under new management. Alfred Tucker who along with his brother David took over ownership in December will keep the well-known name but has expanded the shop’s hours.