Denton’s Singing Unicorns Youth Ensemble, under the direction of Maple Street dweller Mary Reeves will be one of the headliners at the Sixteenth Annual Music Awards ceremony January 26 at the Greenville Art College. The event, which honors members of the media who use their creative abilities to advance animal rights education will be emceed this year by Homer Gallaher and aired on the local News Channel at a later date.

The 14 Singing Unicorns, ages 5 to 10, rehearse at the Denton Ministry.

Their album, We Are Friends Forever, subtitled “Ecology Songs for Children” is currently available at Joy’s Gifts and Video Sturm at a cost of $12. “We are 9,000 tapes away from breaking even”, says an enthusiastic Reeves.

The regular every-other-Tuesday- night readings at the Best Books on Maple near 17th have stopped for a while, but will be starting up again in February. As many of you know, over the past five months the bookstore has been packing in the crowds, clamoring to listen to various local and nationally-known poets and short-story writers read from their work.

Says bookshop owner Joy Davis: “The series was organized by Andy Lamb, and we are planning to kick off another series in the next month, with excerpts from James Joyce’s Ulysses read or acted out by those gathered. Last year we had around 160 people show up for the event.”

And, yes, that was a film being shot in January at the Maple Street cafĂ© Desserts and Drinks. The cast and crew will be back again in February to complete the project, according to filmmaker John Campbell, who lives in Helen Park. Campbell says, “it’s a short film running about 20 minutes called The Flower, which is a day in the life of an ordinary office worker that changes drastically at the cafe”.

Campbell adds that the film will be finished in about two months, and then submitted to film festivals.