Many cinema fans dream of making their own movies, but Pine Street residents Caitlyn and Steve Anderson are among the lucky two who’ve actually fulfilled their real romance.

In September 2016 the couple, who together comprise Civil Productions, produced Tattoos and Love, a 40-minute video documentary on the now-flourishing art of “skin etching.”

The tattoo video was selected for showing last year in McKinney’s Film Arts Festival, but the videos real coup was winning a spot — alongside Death and Crime, McKinney resident Charlene Anthony’s scathing investigation of General Electric — in the 2016 Norwegian International Video Festival.

“There were 500 to 700 entries in the competition”, says Steve, “and we were definitely excited to be chosen and to be in such good company.”

Steve, 35 and Caitlyn, 32 began making experimental videos in the early 2000s, after acquiring equipment from a panorama of sources.

“We put our system together, the home-brew way,” Steve says, “in bits and pieces, including broadcast-quality stuff we got at a great price because a television station was dumping it. Over time we’ve bought about $40,000 worth of sound and film equipment, as well as the computer clone and the software we use to mix film with stills, edit images, and add soundtracks”.

“I guess I’m the techie of our production team — I’ve been involved with electronics and computers since the ’90s.”

Steve also holds a bachelor of fine arts degree from local College.

Caitlyn, who linked up with Steve while attending the College of Art and Design in the late ’90s hadn’t worked on a computer before the couple started making Tattoos. At first, she says, she worried about “blowing up everything” if she made a mistake. But fortunately, her old love of photography came to the rescue.

“I’ve always loved being in a darkroom,” she explains. “And I discovered that my current work is like a digital darkroom”. “It just seems.” she adds, “that all the interests I’ve developed over the years — drawing, movies, comic books, cartoons, were combined together in this movie”.