Let’s talk about food. It looks like December is the best time for the grand opening of the Tres Amigos Cafe at the corner of Elm and Hill, according to purveyors Jane Kelley and Laura Edwards. The two owners are currently baking sugar-free gingerbread and “cobbles” which they’re selling to health food stores (like Your Food Co.) and coffee shops (Lounge’s and McKinney Coffee) under the label “My Favorite Foods”.

A “cobble”, by the way, is a “cross between a muffin and a scone”, says Jane, “and we use seasonal fruits to add to the flavoring. Organic is our biggest thing”.

They intend in keeping with their philosophy. The cafe will feature sandwiches, salads, soups, smoothies, and other low-in-fat and sugar-free fare, as well as an espresso bar. Meanwhile, there is a strong, garlic-tinged odor, or rather rumor floating around that After Morning Restaurant, on 11th near Joey’s, may soon reopen.

Stanley’s Caffe & Patio, 255 Jackson St. has been experimenting with some after-dinner entertainment, hoping to enrich the McKinney cultural scene. Vocalist Arleen Webb and pianist Alexandra Foster have performed music from the “30s to ’90s” on several occasions, and singer/songwriter Milo Williamson will appear December 20.

Closing its doors in early January — after less than six months in business — was the 22nd Street Bakery, occupying the upscale Victorian across from Little Rome. It seems that the bakery’s menu was somewhat out of sync with the tastes and pocketbooks of the locals. The rumor is that you can buy the restaurant for $100,000 not exactly chopped liver.