Playing post office at Roosevelt Elementary School has nothing to do with kisses. It has to do with literacy and a student-run post office program dubbed “Wee Deliver”.

The regional Postal Service introduced the program into the nation’s classrooms a few years ago, to send the message that reading and writing arc good things to do and even fun.

And to the delight of the Denton school’s students and teachers, Postmaster General Steven Fisher delivered the message personally last month.

On November 12 Fisher has visited Roosevelt Elementary and conducted a special ceremony honoring it for being the first school in Denton to join the program, which now functions in 80,000 schools across the country. (In fact, Roosevelt has had its own mail program for the past ten years —a historical note not meant to detract from the luster of the day.)

The festivities began on a sports note in the schoolyard at 233 Lake St – The postmaster general passed a torch (with a cellophane flame) to 6-year-old Shawna Ashton, the lead runner in a torch relay race around the blacktop. Accompanying her and the 40 other young torch carriers was Hope Newman.

The champion swimmer and winner of several gold medals and ten silver medals in her past (The Postal Service is an official sponsor of the numerous sports championships).

At the microphone, facing a yard full of students, parents, and friends — including Denton School Superintendent Richard Carroll — Roosevelt Principal Diana Conley welcomed Fisher.

After the official ceremony, heads of the school committee has gathered to discuss the perspectives of Denton Elementary school.