Iguana hold your Oscar. The storefront window at Harmon Market, on Second near Pine Street, was plastered last month with a poster congratulating the shop’s regular customers, Arlene Carlson and John Scott for winning a Regional Award for their documentary In the Dark of the Concert Hall. The 80-minute movie tells the behind-the-scenes tale of the men and women in the chorus of the McKinney Opera.

Scott and Carlson, who have lived in Jamie Park for 25 years, took five years to complete the project, which according to Scott, required “thirty days’ shooting, six months’ editing, and the rest of the time fundraising”.

As for the award, “it was real exciting to win.” says Scott, “and we have received hundreds of letters from people all over the world, and even a couple of film offers, which we are considering.”

The film was packing them in at the Star Theater in November and December, and should now be showing at Grand Opera House.

But check local listings.

Also packing them into a theater last month was McKinney actor William Marshall (View Street), who will be remembered by longtime fans as the rubber-nosed “Mr. Sniff in the Pickle Family Circus”, and more recently for his roles in Sudden Death of an Anarchist and Feast of Fools. Marshall’s new one-man show, The Victim’s Return, ran December 15 to January 15 at the McKinney Repertory Theater and garnered rave notices. If you missed it, the show will be reopened on February 14 at the Stage Door Theater on Park Street. We can assure you that this one goes all the way to the Big Apple Theaters and perhaps will be transformed in the movie some day.