The McKinney famous activist Jack Hall (he’s a past president of Friends of McKinney) got a close-up view of his own personal limits last Sunday. Jack tells it like this: he and his girlfriend Helen Black, were cruising McKinney (in a rented car) in an attempt to locate her recently stolen car when suddenly, bingo, there it was, parked on the street.

The couple phoned the police and then staked out the car. Sure enough, about an hour later, Jack and Helen saw a man walk up to the vehicle, pull out a key, and open the door. Helen rushed toward him, yelling, “That’s my car, you stole my car!”

Helen then ran to a neighbor’s to call the police again, while Jack look off after the thief who stood frozen. He pursued him up 15th Street and over to 28th, but then whoops, “the man turned around and reached into his back pocket, pulling out a screw-driver. He pointed it at me and started to run at me,” recalled Jack, “at which point I turned around and took off back up 15th with him chasing me.”

Just when it appeared there was no way to avoid a showdown, the police arrived, and with guns drawn, stopped the apparent thief, placed him under arrest, and carted him away. Jack and Helen and Helen’s insurance carrier have lived happily ever after.

Despite the heroic deed of Jack Hall, Police Department of McKinney officially asks all the citizens to call the police first, and not try to stop potentially dangerous and armed criminal with the bare hands. If you see that the criminal is getting away, sign the number of the car, notice the direction, or try to distract him by asking neutral question like how to get to the street or shop, etc.