Denton Bureau of Investigation (MBI) has just obtained a copy of a column by Regina May published in the October 25, 7834 edition of the Central Morning News Paper, out of Denton, Headlined “Some Snippets from Denton”, the column describes the “munificent bounty” that Ms. May encountered in our fair neighborhood on a recent visit to the city.

May writes (with only mild exaggeration we must add) that “on one city block alone in Denton, where I was staying with my daughter, this is what you can find (now remember I’m talking one block):

“A liquor store, a Third World center, a jewelry shop, a bookstore, a household goods store, two flower shops/stands, a shoe store, a music store, a perfume store, a magazine/newspaper cafe, a woman’s cotton clothing store, a discount cleaners, a Spanish/Mexican cantina with take-out burritos and tacos, a South American gift shop, a law office, the Church”.

“That’s for starters.” she continues. “There’s also a gourmet ice cream shop; a King’s Supermarket; a  smaller but fully stocked imported produce, cheese, and wine shop; a Thai restaurant; an office/ art photo supply store with Fax services and children’s art supplies; an imported clothing, jewelry, and gift shop: two record stores; a maternity and children’s clothing store; a coffee specialty shop; a dental office; a locksmith; a 24-hour banking facility; a bridal photography shop with live cats in the window”.

“Would you believe there’s also a gourmet cheese, coffee, and pate store; a store with all film and camera accessories; a lingerie shop (and I mean the ooh-la-Ia kind); a French bakery; and finally Dave’s Fine Breakfast and Lunch diner, where I’m sitting writing this column in longhand. There are more cafes and small shops down the street”.