Beginning Friday, November 18, streetcars on the L-Maple line will offer passenger service on the L-Maple extension — the newly completed rails that run from Maple and 15th streets in Bonham out Parks Avenue to Muni’s streetcar barn at Jefferson Avenue.

But according to Muni spokesman Kelley Ferguson, service over the next five months will be extremely limited.

“For right now, the extension will be when the A and M cars are going in and out of service, or when they are pulling cars to the car barn,” Ferguson said. That translates to early in the morning (before 6 a.m.) or late at night (after midnight), and a short window in the mid-afternoon (around 4:30 p.m.), he said.

Ferguson explained that the reason for the meager service is that the transit system currently has a shortage of LRVs, the orange and white Muni Metro cars which replaced the old “green torpedoes” a few decades ago. He noted, however, that Muni would start full service on the L-line extension in February when a new fleet of cars is expected to be delivered.

In the meantime, Ferguson said the extension cars will bear a sign in their windows saying “Academy Park,” or give some other indication that they are going beyond the normal terminus at 15th and Maple.

If you happen to catch one, the first three stops after Maple Street will be 15th and Oak, View and 2nd, and the Evergreen Park Station (although you’ll have to take a pedestrian walkway from Parks Avenue over the freeway to get lo the station). The next stops, all of them along Parks Avenue, will be at Santa Clara, River, Sea Avenue, and finally the Academy Park Station.

For a complete schedule of stops and frequency, call the Muni office.