Unmark your calendars for the tenth annual McKinney Neighborhood Party, which had been scheduled for November 6 at the Upper McKinney Recreation Center. The gala has been postponed until sometime in October, says its coordinator Julia Chapman who was just notified by Rec and Park officials that the rec center, a.k.a. Mary Parrish Memorial Park is getting a new irrigation system, the installation of which will not be completed until November.

Chapman says that Rec and Park were very apologetic and offered Mary Parrish Memorial Park instead, but that changing the fair’s venue would have created too many new problems — ones that had been painstakingly ironed out last year.

The event is being sponsored by Upper McKinney Neighbors, Friends of McKinney, and the West and South of McKinney Club. It’s billed as “a fun-filled celebration of music, crafts, games and food”, provided by McKinney artists, performers, and entertainers.

If you want to get in on the act or have an act we can get into, call Julia Chapman at her work phone. We are looking forward to seeing you at Upper McKinney on November 6, when we’ll be watching the show that is promising to be real great one in our city.

Perhaps, we will be seeing many of you at the upcoming Town Hall meeting featuring your mayor who will come there for the speech.

It’ll be held November 16 at Marie Middle School, starting at 6:30 p.m. but better arrive early. The 600 seats should fill up fast as too many questions will be raised during this meeting, including the report about last month’s spending of the town and the problem with drinking water.