Published: Fri, September 09, 2016
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How to make a bet on greyhound racing

How to make a bet on greyhound racing

It is necessary to carefully study the symbols, which are used widely for the statistics in the greyhound races if you want to take part in the betting at sports gambling sites. This allows you to analyze not only the final results but also the interim results in certain segments of the race. In the statistics can be found all the actions like falls, running inside the internal or external radius, bad start, opponents’ interference, hits, failed radius at the turn. It seems easier than betting soccer.

Before the race you will need to check if the dog you have picked among others does not suffer from some kind of disease, is her coach assured in their win.

Check the information about other dogs as well. If it is not the local races, you will receive plenty of information about participants. You must also read the lists of previous results, and focus on the last champions. Outsiders can win in the race as well, but there are more chances for the previous champions. 

You need to pay attention to the less significant factors. For example, booth number can also affect the outcome. Some dogs can be trained to run around on the inner radius, the other - on the outside. To restore power, many coaches give the dogs a break after 4-5 races. Even the weather and track conditions may affect the results. Favorites have better chances of winning under ideal weather conditions, whereas with unfavorable weather conditions outsiders can show good results.

Features of the greyhound racing bets

Greyhound races are held throughout the year. Bookmakers offer events where you can make your bet every day. Limits on greyhound racing are quite high. This sport is more suitable for professional players. Bets for the greyhound races can be made following many different strategies. The odds on the greyhound racing are placing very competently. Races can have very unexpected results in the end, but this happens very rarely. Of course, we do not recommend to bet on the large sums of money for the newcomers.


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