Published: Fri, June 17, 2016
World | By Ernestine Jimenez

Pakistani woman throws acid at man who refused to marry her

Pakistani woman throws acid at man who refused to marry her

The police said that the woman, identified as Momel and in her early 30s, was arrested on Thursday for throwing acid at her lover in the Makhdoom Rashid area of the central city of Multan.

Monil Mai, 32, wanted to marry her boyfriend Sadaqat Ali so that she could divorce her husband, a Pakistani police official told Sky News.

A woman attacked a man with acid in Multan for allegedly rejecting her marriage proposal.

Officials say Momel Mai was in a long-term relationship with Sadaqat Ali, but was angry that he would not marry her.

Local journalists say the man was seen stumbling out of the woman's house, screaming and covered with acid.

Ali had time to turn, he said, with the acid burning his back but not his face.

Mr. Ahmed said Mr. Ali is being treated in hospital in Multan, in Punjab province.

"Doctors are fighting to save Ali's life", he said.

Acid attacks, which can disfigure and even blind their overwhelmingly female victims, have always been used to settle personal or family scores in Pakistan, with hundreds of cases reported each year.

There are an estimated 80-100 cases of acid attacks in Pakistan every year although independent organizations consider the figure to be much higher. Besides domestic disputes, motives behind these cases include personal revenge, monetary and property disputes, rejection of marriage proposals, suspicions of illicit relations and marriage of choice.



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