Published: Thu, June 09, 2016
Sports | By Jaime Goodwin

Shark Bites Off Surfer's Leg at Popular Beach

The 60-year-old's dive partner, a 43-year-old-man, said he felt something brush past him in the water, WA Police Inspector Danny Mulligan told News Corp.

University lecturer Doreen Collyer, 60, was Scuba diving off the coast of Perth, Western Australia, on Sunday morning when she was reportedly attacked.

The woman was diving between the One Mile and Three Mile reefs off Mindarie Marina, in Perth's northern suburbs when she was killed.

According to Mulligan, the three men, who were heading out to fish, came to the divers' aid just when the woman's companion retrieved her body from the water.

Fishermen who rushed to help and who saw the killer shark said it was bigger than their 18-foot boat.

Beaches were closed after the incident.

It had been believed that the shark in that attack had been caught and killed - although authorities operating a controversial "Catch and Kill" policy could not be sure.

"I don't think the shark is going to be around here so I don't think there's a huge risk", Mr. Boscarino, who has surfed in the area for 20 years, said.

Last Tuesday, surfer Ben Gerring, 29, was attacked at Gearies break at Falcon Beach by a shark, which tore off one of his legs, reported the Daily Mail.

It was the first time two fatal shark attacks had occurred in Western Australian waters within such a short period of time, the Fisheries metropolitan regional manager, Tony Cappelluti, said on Monday.

The diver's death takes the number of shark attack deaths in WA to 15 since 2000.



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