Published: Thu, June 09, 2016
Science | By Guadalupe Butler

Royal Navy frigate intercepts Russian submarine in North Sea

Royal Navy frigate intercepts Russian submarine in North Sea

A Russian submarine has been intercepted by the Royal Navy in the North Sea.

Submarine Stary Oskol, armed with cruise missiles and torpedoes, is expected to pass through the English Channel at 10am on Wednesday, escorted by the anti-submarine ship, according to The Sun.

The incident is the latest face-off between the British and Russian military following several incursions by aircraft in the skies around the UK.

"The Russian Defense Ministry is surprised that joint UK-NATO efforts were required to discover a submarine traveling in a surfaced position at slow speed, accompanied by a tugboat", the statement read.

"It is not within reason to expect the Royal Navy, together with North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies, not to be capable of spotting a submarine, moreover, that merchant ships of various countries steering on opposite and parallel courses had been greeting, in accordance with old naval tradition, our sailors in the Barents, Norway and Northern seas for several days of the passage", the Russian Ministry said.

Meanwhile, British media hailed the move by the Royal Navy, claiming that that the sub was there on Russian President Vladimir Putin's personal orders prior to a Euro 2016 football match between the two nations on Saturday.



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