Published: Thu, June 09, 2016
Sports | By Jaime Goodwin

Changes in Euro 2016 rules that you need to know

Changes in Euro 2016 rules that you need to know

The most popular game on the planet will no longer be the same: in football, the main stronghold of conservatism in sport, 94 rules will be changes.

Over the past decades, football, and more precisely defining its life functionaries constantly were criticized in the ancient rules and unwillingness to take into account the changed realities. This primarily concerned the use of video technologies that could not be connected with the game. Examples from the other sports like tennis, basketball, hockey with the wide use of video remotes for a long time are successful, but not convinced football officials till this time. However, it is impossible to ignore the inevitable forever, and now, after two years of disputes and adjustments (the original version of the document has been reduced from 22 000 words to 12 000), the new rules were issued.

These changes can be considered as the most global in the last 130 years, since the founding of the International Football Association Board (IFAB) in 1886.

Firstly, already at Euro 2016, which will be held in France from June 10 to July 10, will be abolished the so-called triple punishment, the player who committed the foul of the last hope in the penalty area, the received a red card, and was suspended for the next match, and his team received penalty kick into its own goalposts. From June 1, 2016, for a similar violation of rules, the football player will not be dismissed except in cases when he stops the flying ball to the goalposts by his hand or his foul is openly aggressive.

Secondly, the Council gave permission to the coaches to make an additional replacement to the three existing ones. The fourth will be available in overtime - an additional 30 minutes, which extended Cup match format in case winner was not revealed during the main time. This change will also come into the real life at the European Championship in France. And if you think that knowing the main changes in rules you are now prepared for making the odds to all competitions for football - just click here.

Finally, the IFAB has approved the activity of video assistants. They will help the referee team to deal with the key points during the match, such as the validity of the appointment penalty, remove the player and the abolition of the goal in the situation "out of the game". Innovation will not get to Euro 2016 still, but it will be tried during the America's Cup that will take place from June 3 to June 26.


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