Published: Wed, June 08, 2016
Sports | By Jaime Goodwin

Roni Rose Photos: Pictures of Steph Curry's Fan From Game 2

Uh-oh, the Twitterverse seems to think that Steph Curry, 28, has been keeping a dark secret.

The mystery woman, later identified as stripper, Roni Rose, is all anyone is talking about for right now.

The woman, whose name is Rose, took to Instagram in an attempt to explain what was really happening in the clip. On Saturday, the 6 God showed up to the launch of Ayesha's pop-up style restaurant, International Smoke, to finally test out her culinary prowess. According to her Facebook page, Rose is a native of Modesto, California, but has lived in Hayward, close to the Bay Area in 2006.

The "Toby Jones" in this video is reportedly comedian Robert L. Hines, and one can only assume he's as big a fan of Steph Curry and the Warriors as the point guard is of him. With chatter surrounding the image, Rose has embraced the fervor and she landed on our Bangin Candy radar as a result. I'm just giving the boys a little motivation I guess.

Just as any great husband would, National Basketball Association star Steph Curry, who is now playing for the championship title in the finals, is making the time to support his wife Ayesha as she grows her brand.

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